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⭐️Canva Pro is worth it⭐️ – Licenses and 9 reasons why the upgrade makes sense

In my post
Canva – The Basis for Your Social Media Marketing
I showed you how to use Canva, my favorite design tool, for your blog and social media.

You can definitely do a lot with the free version, but if you really want to work efficiently, quickly and cheaply, you should invest in Canva Pro.

I want to show you all the benefits of the Canva Pro version again in this short post:

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Canva Pro – 9 reasons why an upgrade makes sense


#1 Endless choice of images, videos, fonts and templates and all commercially usable with Canva Pro

So the statement about “infinite material” isn’t quite true, but it feels like it. With 75 million premium images, stock photos, videos, graphics and audio files, you too should find something suitable for your next social media marketing campaign.

In addition, there are over 450,000 free design templates that allow you to create professional designs without much prior knowledge.

The best part is that you are allowed to use all the content commercially. But be careful: for each photo, video or audio, the license is valid for only one design. However, this is usually quite sufficient.

Further exceptions can be found in the FAQ’s.


#2 Your Blog, Your Logo, Your Branding

In the free version it is not possible to upload your own pictures or logo.

Means you would need another program to add your own branding to the design.

In Canva Pro, this feature is included.

Just upload your logo, use the drag-and-drop function to drag it onto your image and you’re done.

You can also save your own color palette or upload your own fonts in the Pro version.

Canva offers a feature that makes customizing your brand a lot easier and faster.


#3 Create Logo Made Easy – Background Remover Included

Not only are there thousands of logo templates to choose from, but Canva Pro also gives you the ability to use the Background Remover tool to erase the background or in other words create a transparent background.

This makes your logo look professional on any graphic.

Try Canva Pro free for 30 days now*.


#4 Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter?

You’ve come up with a super design and want to post it on all your social networks?

Canva Pro easily creates a new format at the touch of a button with the resize function and helps you adjust the design to the optimal sizes for your social media posts.

What a time saver.


#5 Store your pictures in the cloud

In the free version you can store up to 5 GB, in the Pro version it is 100 GB.

This memory should last for some time.


#6 Use the social media planner and post for yourself

Canva Pro offers a social media planner that helps you post your created designs to 7 different social media channels.

Simply select image free templates, add text and plan the time.

With this, you can post your social media posts even when you don’t have time, even when you’re sleeping.

Once placed and Canva takes care of the rest.

However, for those of you doing Pinterest marketing, I recommend usingthis feature in Tailwind.


#7 With the Canva Pro version you save money, lots of money

In a week, I create about 45 pins with pictures and about 21 pins with videos.

At the moment you pay a license fee of one EUR per picture and 5 EUR for a video in the free version. This means for me that I would have to spend 150 EUR for licenses in a week to get the same output. PER WEEK!

The Canva Pro license costs only 109,99 EUR for the whole year! For me, an absolute no-brainer.


#8 Save the oodles of time

Honestly, with all the features described, Canva Pro has helped me reduce my time in marketing from 3 hours a day to just one hour a day today, while creating more pins with much better quality.

I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen to you. It’s best to try Canva Pro free for 30 days.


#9 Teamwork Baby

Canva Pro lets you work as a team, and Canva Pro doesn’t limit you.

Whether it’s simultaneous work, in the same design at the same time across all devices, desktop or mobile, or the collaboration feature that lets you comment on design, tag team members and get feedback,

Canva Pro takes teamwork to the next level.

Even better, 5 team members can now work with Canva with just one license. This can save you about 40 EUR a month.

Thank you Canva team!

Try Canva Pro free for 30 days now*.

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Frequently asked questions – FAQ’s

Who should buy Canva Pro?

In short: Canva Pro is for everyone and woman!

Canva is for all bloggers, social media influencers and anyone who wants to create a graphic but either has no experience or no artistic streak. Canva makes everything so super easy!

Of course, the tool is also for professionals, because often the functions of Canva are already enough for the graphic project.

Is Canva Pro worth it?

You want to create some designs privately, maybe design invitation cards or create presentations? In this case the free version is enough for you.

Are you a blogger or entrepreneur, work in a team, want to use Pro Designs and images for your social marketing and Pinterest marketing without having to pay extra?

In this case, a resounding YES!

Is Canva Pro free?

I’m afraid not. But here you can try the Pro version for 30 days for free.

Try Canva Pro free for 30 days now*.

Can Canva Pro be cancelled on a monthly basis?

Yes, if you have chosen monthly billing, you can also cancel the contract on a monthly basis. However, monthly billing is about 30% more expensive than annual billing.

How can I cancel Canva Pro?

In Account Settings, within Invoices and Teams, select Subscriptions and click Cancel Subscription.

What are the Canva Pro costs?

Canva Pro is available for as little as 9.16 EUR per month with annual payment!

One license can be used by up to 5 team members. That’s less than 2 EUR per person per month!

Free Canva Pro (annual billing) Canva Pro (monthly billing) Enterprise
free 9,16 EUR / month 11,99 EUR / month 27,00 EUR/month/user

Who does a Canva Pro license apply to?

One Canva Pro license is valid for up to 5 team members.

These are already available from 9.16 EUR per month.

Can I use Canva commercially?

Yes! Canva may be used personally and commercially, for social media, marketing or selling products.

For a free user, Pro Content will be watermarked. To remove it, the user has to pay 1 EUR for the license fee and is then allowed to use the design once in a design.

With a Pro user there are no additional costs and the image may also be used in designs of different sizes. A new license must be purchased for a modified design,

More at:
Licenses, copyright and using Canva for commercial purposes*.

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What does the One Design Use License include?

With a free account, for each element that is downloaded, a
One Design Use License*
license must be purchased. If an element is used in two different designs, an additional license must be purchased.

Keeping track of this is not only difficult, but can also quickly become quite expensive.

With the Canva Pro subscription, the one-time use doesn’t apply because with Canva Pro you can download unlimited Pro stock photos.

This means that you can use the same elements multiple times in one design, you can write text about a photo in English and German in multiple pages or designs, an image with different text overlays in the same language can be used multiple times, and you can use excerpts from pro images for another design.

What is prohibited or what am I not allowed to use Canva for?

Canva Content may
Use as part of a trademark, design mark, trade or company name, service mark or logo. The logo templates are purely for inspiration.

The commercial rights of use expire if the contents remain unchanged. In addition, the media may then only be published in a size of 800x 600 or 600 x 800 pixels. The changes have to be made in Canva itself.

It goes without saying that you are not allowed to re-license or resell the images and that you are not allowed to use the content for certain topics (e.g. tobacco advertising, topics that are against the law or immoral).

Special exceptions also apply to the use of Pro Musik. This may not be modified or downloaded in whole or in part to be offered as a download.

Since the
License agreements
* are changed from time to time, please read them before you buy.

Can I trust Canva?

Canva was founded in 2012 by.
Melanie Perkins
Cameron Adams and Cliff Obrecht.

While 60 million was raised in a financing round in 2020, 71 million was found in another financing round on April 6, 2021. This means that the company is now
valued at USD 15 billion

The design tool now has 30 million monthly users and now inspires people in over 190 countries.

One billion designs have been created since inception*.

What are Canva Pro alternatives?

If you are still not satisfied after the trial subscription, you may want to consider the following alternatives:

The best alternative that saves time: RelayThat

The best online tool for graphic design: PicMonkey

Great platform for collaboration: Visme

Is CANVA better than Photoshop?

Hell Yeah! What a question! Canva is super easy has most of the features you need to be creative and the results are just awesome and look professional.

What is the Canva App?

The app brings all the features of your Canva account to your smartphone so you can be creative on the go. It is simple and clearly structured and can be operated intuitively.

With the Pro account, you can schedule Instagram posts directly from the app and have them published automatically.

What is the Canva Design School?

Canva offers free courses to improve your design skills.

You can find out more

How can I make money with Canva Pro?

Canva Print offers you a way to build your own print-on-demand business.

For example, you could design various promotional materials for clients such as advertising cards, brochures, posters or flyers.

Or you can design your own t-shirts, order them directly from Canva and sell them in your online store. The sky’s the limit with your imagination. You can order a single t-shirt for as little as 24 EUR.

Why should I try the Pro version of Canva for free?

There are so many advantages of Canva Pro over the free version.

You can test the Pro version of Canva for 30 days for free and see for yourself.

If you don’t become a fan of the software, you will not only belong to a small circle, but you will also receive timely emails to remind you to make your final decision.

Not another sales attempt, but an honest: We hope you’ll come back sometime.


If I haven’t convinced you of the benefits of Canva Pro by this point, then there’s only one option left:

Try it yourself….

Canva offers a 30-day trial access to Canva Pro* for free. With this you can be convinced of the advantages of the design tool.

Try it out and decide for yourself.

You’re gonna love it.

Good luck!

Canva up your Life! 🙂

Try Canva Pro free for 30 days now*.

Please note:

I make my money through affiliate links, which are highlighted with an *. Should you purchase a product through one of these links, you are not only an absolute hero or heroine, but you are helping me continue to produce informative content that will hopefully help you along. And the best: There are no additional costs for you. I only get a small referral fee from the respective provider.

Many thanks!

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