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Best Paragraph rewriter – The Best AI’s in Comparison

The foundation of the modern marketing and communications world is content. To generate reach and visibility for their own website, businesses, marketers, bloggers and solo writers need high-quality copy that adds real value for site visitors. An undertaking that normally takes a lot of time and effort.

With this challenge, an AI Paragraph rewriter provides a remedy. We have tested different AI text generators in terms of their various uses and functionalities, as well as readability, humanity, quality, user-friendliness and several other factors.

Learn which AI online tool will help you reduce your workload and still manage to generate more traffic with high-quality content.

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Bossmode from is ideal for those who expect the best quality and at comparable prices. You’ll also get 10,000 words for free via my link!

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If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

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If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

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Best paragraph rewriter – The results at a glance

The result beforehand: The clear test winner of our article rewriter tests is Neuroflash. Neuroflash performs best taking into account all tested factors and convinces holistically. Thereby Neuroflash not only brings the most functions, but also offers a very good quality of the rewritten texts.

A similar level of quality is promised by the generated texts from Compared to the test winner Neuroflash, the paraphrasing tool only has a slightly reduced range of functions and for this reason follows in second place in our test series.

Third place goes to the online tool Mindverse. Although the online paraphrasing tool offers extensive functions, the generated texts exhibit fluctuating text quality. The gap to the test winner is clear.

The second to last place in our test goes to the online tool Frase. The tool can paraphrase texts and paragraphs, but it does not include other paraphrasing functions. The quality of the rewritten texts is fine. Compared to the other AI generators, however, some sacrifices have to be made.

Clearly less convincing is the quality of Closerscopy’s lyrics. For this reason, the online tool lands on the last place of our test.

Humanityvery goodvery goodgooddeficientsufficient
Qualityvery goodvery goodgooddeficientsufficient
Sense of purposevery goodvery goodsufficientdeficientsufficient
Creativityvery goodvery goodsufficientsufficientsufficient
Effortgoodvery goodbaddeficientdeficient
Fun factor/ user experiencegoodvery goodbaddeficientdeficient
Number of functionsgoodvery goodbadbadgood
Overall ratingvery goodBest AIdeficientdeficientsufficient

This is how the text rewriting generators were tested

The testing of the online AI text generators was carried out as follows: the tools were used intensively and versatile tests were undertaken. Points were awarded depending on how the AI performed in each category. The results were subsequently evaluated with respect to the following aspects:

  • Humanity: In assessing humanity, we focused on how identifiable it is whether the text was generated by a machine or formulated by a human.
  • Quality: In the context of assessing quality, factors such as sentence structure, word choice, and comprehensibility play a central role in the evaluation.
  • Meaningfulness: Good and helpful text rewriters must also write meaningful texts that properly reflect the context. In the context of our test series, the number of usable artificial intelligence suggestions is the main evaluation criterion.
  • Creativity: Texts must inspire. Enthusiasm is generated primarily by the authors and their quality. A capability that good texts generated in seconds can also possess. Thus, the creativity of the texts is an important criterion to evaluate the quality of the generators.
  • Effort: Anyone who uses a paraphrasing tool wants one thing above all: to save time. For this reason, the time required to produce usable results is an important indicator to evaluate online tools.
  • Fun factor and user experience: Working should be fun and bring joy. This is helped by user-friendly tools that are easy to use and easy to implement in everyday life.

Number of functions: The sum of the functions is also included in the overall rating.

An overview of the functions offered by the different tools can be found in the following figure.

Have marked places in the text rewritten directlyyesyesnonoyes
Grammar check and adjustmentyesnononoyes
Content improvementyesyesyesyesyes
Simplify text “Explain it to a child”.yesyesnoyesno
Remove setyesyesnonoyes
Summarize contentsyesyesyesyesyes
Rewrite dialectnoyesnonoyes
You > You; You > Younoyesnonoyes
Text from bullet pointsnoyesnoyesno
Change tonalityyesyesnonono
Continue textyesyesyesnoyes

Results Text Rewrite Generator – Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

The “Rephrase” function is particularly helpful in this context. This can be used to highlight sentences or paragraphs in a text and display alternative wording suggestions.

This process can be repeated as often as you like until you find a suitable formulation of the content.

Another function that the tool brings along is the checking of the marked text passages with regard to grammar. Grammatical errors are noticed and can be changed.

Other features at a glance:

In addition to the core functions described above, the tool includes other helpful features that can add value when creating texts:

The Jasper Content Improver

Content Improver is about improving existing content automatically, without manually rewriting or redesigning the entire text.

The Explain It To A Chield function

The aim of this feature is to make texts as simple and straightforward as possible, so that children can also grasp and understand the content without any problems. This feature uses simple words and creates short sentences, producing content that is easy to understand.

The Sentence Expander

The Sentence Expander helps you to elaborate your thoughts in written form and to formulate them in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

The Text Summarizer

With Text Summarizer you can easily summarize your texts. In addition, the texts, e.g. blog posts or social media posts are easy to understand.


Our test winner Neuroflash exceeds especially in the number of functions and user-friendliness. In addition, Neuroflash offers a better result when rewriting within marked texts compared to Especially the possibility to choose a tone of the text and the extensive suggestions of various text alternatives should be emphasized.

Always wanted to write in a dialect? No matter what accent is desired, Neuroflash gives you the option to apply dialects to your texts. With the Bavarian and Swabian dialect, this feature already works quite well. Other dialects still need to be polished in some cases. Overall, however, a strong and convincing idea of the tool.

The you-you function has also proven to be particularly helpful. Even if you have decided in advance whether you would like to address your readers by their first name or by their first name, you can easily adapt the text accordingly afterwards with the help of artificial intelligence.

You only have key points at hand and want to generate an informative text from them? Neuroflash also offers this function. You enter the individual words and the text is generated.


Frase was another tool that was part of the AI test. However, the functions are rather fundamental. Besides the low range of functions, this also explains the comparatively poor test result. In the test, the tool, which can rewrite text, was thus awarded a low score.


The Closercopy tool also scores rather below average in the large AI test. The poor test result is due to the few functions that are helpful when rewriting texts. When rewriting text online, Closercopy does produce usable results. However, we still see a lot of development potential compared to other providers.

For those who want to rewrite or create high-quality content, the other providers are a better choice.



Mindverse also offers text rewriting functions, but it is important to keep in mind that many of the functions are limited to a certain number of characters.

In addition, it should be noted that the quality of the results varies. Some functions could not be tested because an upgrade of the subscription would have been necessary.

What is a text rewriting tool? Paraphrase – definition

Paraphrasing or paraphrasing is the rephrasing of a statement without changing the content or context. Using different words and restructuring the sentences creates a new text.

For this process, AI generators are increasingly establishing themselves, which take over the task of paraphrasing. Generate new, reworded text from existing text to produce high-quality content for the web – this is what so-called text rewriting tools promise. There are many reasons for using artificial intelligence in copywriting

5 reasons for using an AI paragraph rewriter

The advantages of AI generators that can rewrite text are many. Especially with the increasing requirements for content production lead to the growing popularity of text generators.

Reason 1: More traffic through paraphrasing tool

By continuously publishing various articles and content across different channels, the visibility as well as the reach of companies, brands and individuals can be increased.

This is an important step towards generating sustainable scalability for products and services and thus increasing sales in the long term.

Reason 2: Tie up fewer resources to produce content

The overall experience with AI generators shows that significantly fewer resources are tied up in using a paraphrasing tool to produce content. Artificial intelligence helps publish high-quality and helpful content that inspires.

By saving time, you can redirect your focus to the essential areas of your business. In addition, you have the opportunity to sustainably improve and accelerate the content production process. A concrete process will help you scale.

This is an important step towards generating sustainable scalability for products and services and thus increasing sales in the long term.

Reason 3: Increasing text quality through paraphrasing

The quality of the texts is an important criterion for producing convincing content. With the versatile suggestions and the extensive impulses that the tools generate, you can sharpen the focus and expand the quality of your content by using online tools.

Reason 4: Increase of vocabulary in the texts

Good texts convince with a versatile vocabulary and good storytelling. The text generators help to use a wide vocabulary and increase the vocabulary of the users.

By suggesting different wording alternatives, a text is created which convinces and inspires the readers.

Reason 5: fast results and easy implementation in the workflow

Content production, i.e. text writing, becomes a scalable process through the use of paraphrasing tools. By clearly defining content creation, it doesn’t matter how many people make up the copywriting team.

Artificial Intelligence helps build and maintain a consistent process and achieve consistent quality and language style.

For whom is a paraphrasing tool worthwhile?

Having texts rewritten online brings many opportunities and can be helpful for many users. The application possibilities are versatile and range from the creation of blog posts, to the generation of content for social media, to texts which are embedded on websites.


The success of bloggers stands and falls with the continuous publication of exciting articles. A challenge always to produce an appropriate amount of content for the blog.

Business Owner

As an entrepreneur, the to-do list is long. Many requirements must be met. To attract customers and demonstrate expertise are texts and articles that can be included in different places. Here, too, the text transcriber helps and makes life easier.


Marketers’ work is also based on publishing content. Marketers can thus save a lot of time and increase the quality of their work with the help of a text generator. Also particularly exciting in this regard is the variety of content that can be generated, from which marketers can benefit.


Students also have to write many scientific papers in the course of their studies and thus produce extensive texts. When creating these texts, a text generator is worth a lot.


Almost anyone can benefit from online paraphrasing. Try it out and use the possibilities of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Make your life easier and generate texts online

What should be considered when using a rewrite generator?

Choose the right tool

First of all, you need to decide on a suitable tool. The previous test will help you with this. Especially Neuroflash and are promising options to meet your requirements.

Many of the text generators offer free entry options, so you have the opportunity to try out the respective tools without taking a risk.

Familiarize yourself with the functions

At their core, AIs all function similarly and are built similarly. There is an input field where you can enter your text directly. With some tools, files can also be uploaded.

Once you get a little used to the tools, you’ll develop your own routine and quickly rewrite text.

Rewrite first text

Then you are ready to go. It’s time to generate your first text using artificial intelligence. You will see that creating texts is much faster and can be really fun.

Check and optimize result

After the text is generated, we recommend that you check and read the output. Although the quality of the generated texts is high, small errors can still be noticed afterwards. Correct spelling and proper sentence structures are important for high-quality texts that are convincing.

How do I avoid plagiarism?

Avoiding plagiarism is inevitable to generate good rankings in search results with the content produced. Uniqueness and good quality are important success factors for content of any kind.

Paraphrasing is the key to success. By using online tools, you can easily avoid plagiarism without changing the meaning of an existing text. Tools have plagiarism checking already built in, so you don’t have to worry about creating plagiarism. The plagiarism check analyzes whether the same text can already be found elsewhere on the web. A reliable system so that you can convince with unique content.

The use of different tools also helps to produce high-quality texts that are suitable for search engines. Because the uniqueness is of high importance in terms of the success of the ranking of the texts.

What rewriting options do the AI generators offer?

The possibilities are huge. The tested text generators show what is possible. Paraphrasing tools make our lives easier and help us produce engaging copy and content.

The companies offering the service are also working on innovative functions and learning their artificial intelligence to write in a particular dialect, for example.

Conclusion: More success in content marketing with text rewriting generators

The rewriting tools make producing texts much easier. You save time Moreover, users can be sure that there will be no plagiarism issues as all the texts are rewritten by using AI and also checked afterwards in terms of plagiarism free.

When using AI generators, it is important to choose the right tool for you. The test of the tools makes it clear that each tool brings different strengths and weaknesses. Especially the tools Neuroflash and have convinced with their extensive range of functions and the quality of the produced texts.

The use of the texts is versatile and ranges from the generation of an article, to the generation of social media posts, to the formulation of titles for YouTube videos. AI helps choose the right wording based on extensive analysis.

The tools will evolve steadily over the next few years, offering growing potential for marketers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs or bloggers. Start generating text online now.


Please note:

I make my money through affiliate links, which are highlighted with an *. Should you purchase a product through one of these links, you are not only an absolute hero or heroine, but you are helping me continue to produce informative content that will hopefully help you along. And the best: There are no additional costs for you. I only get a small referral fee from the respective provider.

Many thanks!

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