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Blog Content Generator – The Best AI’s in Comparison

Content for the blog created with a click sound like a dream to you? As a business owner, blogger, marketer or service provider, you know how important quality content is on the blog. Creating so-called long text forms is a rather time-consuming endeavor, which is difficult to integrate into an already busy daily routine. Imagine technology can help you with this challenge and produce text at the touch of a button. That’s exactly what a blog content generator promises you. What exactly a blog content generator is, what you can use it for and which AI text generators offer real added value, you’ll find out in this article. We have tested the providers extensively and evaluated the best blog content generators for you.

Bester KI Text Generator

Bossmode from is ideal for those who expect the best quality and at comparable prices. You’ll also get 10,000 words for free via my link!

Bester Deutscher KI Text Generator

If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

For 199 EUR without word limit

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If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

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Optimal for those who are looking for a good AI but do not want to spend too much budget.

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Qualitatively still a lot of potential but therefore still a super cheap lifetime deal.

No risk no fun.

Blog Content Generator

Summary Review: Blog Content Generator – The Results at a Glance helps you build the most essential elements and content for your blog very quickly. At the same time, the quality is very good and you can have long blog posts written in no time.

Neuroflash can provide very good blog article suggestions, but basically keeps it shorter than Jasper and is less creative in his suggestions.

Frase stands out especially for its Outline Generator, which helps you understand the structure of SERP results and thus your competition and gather ideas.

Mindverse lags behind in terms of quality when compared to other providers when it comes to creating blog articles. Therefore, no recommendation from me at the moment.

Closerscopy is unfortunately still unsuitable for creating blog articles.

Humanityvery goodvery goodgooddeficientdeficient
Qualityvery goodgoodgooddeficientsufficient
Sense of purposegoodgoodsufficientdeficientdeficient
Creativityvery goodsufficientgoodsufficientsufficient
Effortvery goodgoodsufficientbaddeficient
Fun factor/ user experiencevery goodgoodvery goodbaddeficient
Number of functionssufficientgoodgoodvery goodsufficient
Overall ratingBest AIgoodgooddeficientdeficient

This is how the blog content generators were tested

The testing of the online AI text generators was carried out as follows: the tools were used intensively and versatile tests were undertaken. Points were awarded depending on how the AI performed in each category. The results were subsequently evaluated with respect to the following aspects:

  • Humanity: In assessing humanity, we focused on how identifiable it is whether the text was generated by a machine or formulated by a human.
  • Quality: In the context of assessing quality, factors such as sentence structure, word choice, and comprehensibility play a central role in the evaluation.
  • Meaningfulness: Good and helpful text rewriters must also write meaningful texts that properly reflect the context. In the context of our test series, the number of usable artificial intelligence suggestions is the main evaluation criterion.
  • Creativity: Texts must inspire. Enthusiasm is generated primarily by the authors and their quality. A capability that good texts generated in seconds can also possess. Thus, the creativity of the texts is an important criterion to evaluate the quality of the generators.
  • Effort: Anyone who uses a paraphrasing tool wants one thing above all: to save time. For this reason, the time required to produce usable results is an important indicator to evaluate online tools.
  • Fun factor and user experience: Working should be fun and bring joy. This is helped by user-friendly tools that are easy to use and easy to implement in everyday life

Subject : Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

Results Blog Content Generator – Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

Blog Post Topic Ideas

If you don’t know how to summarize your topic yet, you can use the Blog Post Topic Ideas feature to get ideas. However, I do not use this function myself.

Title Generator

If you use the workflow and give the AI details about your blog post idea, it will suggest very useful titles.

Blog Post Outline:

Jasper creates a high-quality outline with relevant questions in a short amount of time. Here, the proposals differ, so you get a lot of different ideas. The outline includes ca.80 words and consists of 5 points formulated as a question. Example:

  1. What is artificial intelligence and what are its main components?
  2. How has artificial intelligence evolved over the years and where will it go in the future?
  3. What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer for companies and individuals alike?
  4. Are there risks associated with the development of artificial intelligence, and if so, what are they?
  5. How can we ensure that artificial intelligence is used responsibly and ethically in the future?”

Blog Post Intro Paragraph

As the name suggests, this function writes your introduction to the topic for you. The feature is definitely a good starting point, sounds very salesy in many cases. For a very good invitation, you should always use other features or give the text your own spin and possibly include other aspects.

Paragraph Generator

After the outline has been created, you can use this function to create the content for the individual paragraphs relatively easily. The results are of good length and very well written in terms of quality. Every now and then the answer will not quite fit but good new examples can be generated very quickly.

BlogPost Conclusion Paragraph

Have a closing paragraph generated from the outline and a call-to-action. Here is the result for the above outline:

Concluding paragraph: Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly and has the potential to change many aspects of our lives. It is important that we approach these changes carefully and thoughtfully to ensure that the opportunities they present are maximized and the risks minimized. We encourage you to experiment with AI now so you can be at the forefront of this exciting, rapidly evolving field. What do you think companies should do to prepare for artificial intelligence? Let us know in the comments below!


Neuroflash, like, offers an article builder workflow where you can enter some information and get a title and outline suggested.

In general, Neuroflash keeps its answers a bit shorter than Jasper, which is a bit of a pity. Therefore, Neuroflash also scores a bit lower in this area.

Blog Title Ideas

By entering the topic and keywords, many high-quality title suggestions can be generated with a single click. From the creativity a little behind Jasper but still sufficient.

Also interesting are the listicle ideas through which you can have more titles created.

Blog outline

In terms of structure, Neuroflash unfortunately keeps itself very short and is thus unfortunately only mediocre

Blog Teaser

This function writes a short teaser for your article. From me, the function gets a thumbs up.

Blog introduction text

Again, Neuroflash keeps it very short. The generated introductory texts consist mainly of 2 sentences. If you like short introductions, Neuroflash is a good choice. If you like longer introductions, is a better choice.

Blog paragraph

The blog paragraph generates good content, some of which fits and some of which needs to be adjusted again. Good ideas for the blog article you get all the time.

Blog closing paragraph

Qualitatively okay, but as with other functions unfortunately short.


Blog Content Brief Generator

Frase has a special feature that other AI text generators do not have: The Content Brief Generator:

This analyzes the SERPs and shows you all selected information at the push of a button. These include Guidelines, People also ask, SERP, Topics, Topic Clusters, Headers, Questions, Statistics and Hyperlinks.

Blog Outline Generator

The second special function is the Outline Generator ( to create an outline)

The special feature here is that Frase shows the structure of the TOP 20 Google search results and places them side by side.

This not only allows you to collect nice ideas, but you can also get an overview of the competition relatively quickly

Blog Introduction

The introduction is longer than Neuroflash and also gives much more context. It’s just a pity that several options are not created at once.

Paragraph for Heading

Like the other AIs, it’s hard for Frase to hit the nail on the head. However, there are also many interesting suggestions here that could be useful in writing.

Listicle Generator

From the idea quite nice, only unfortunately no useful results were delivered to me for my subject area.


Closerscopy offers some features related to blog creation.

Unfortunately, Closerscopy still lags behind in terms of quality. You get nice suggestions but nothing more.

The texts sometimes don’t seem human and the results often miss the point.

Unfortunately, the AI is unsuitable for blog articles.


Mindverse offers the most common features for writing a blog article, but lags behind in quality.

Here’s an ex of the feature blogpost paragraph on the question: what opportunities does artificial intelligence present for businesses and individuals alike?:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the business world. Companies are recognizing the opportunities AI offers for their growth and efficiency. Individuals are recognizing the opportunities AI offers for their careers and lives. The question is not whether AI presents an opportunity for companies and individuals, but how to take advantage of these opportunities.

AI offers companies the opportunity to optimize their workflows and open up new markets. AI offers individuals the opportunity to learn new skills and advance their careers. The question is not whether AI presents an opportunity for companies and individuals, but how to take advantage of these opportunities.

At the moment, therefore, I cannot recommend Mindverse for creating blog articles.

What are blog content generators? Blog Content Generator – Definition

A blog content generator creates a blog article, blog paragraphs or paragraphs based on a suggested topic. So you give the AI your thematic input and it generates a comprehensive blog article based on it, which you can publish on your blog. A blog content generator saves you a lot of work in terms of research and implementation of the text.

On the market you can find very different providers, which offer different functions. The features will help you meet requirements of a successful blog and create sustainable success.

Why should you use a blog content generator?

Blog writing is often aimed at generating reach and visibility. For most companies, creating blog articles is not part of their core business and should therefore tie up as few resources as possible. That’s just one reason why it’s worth using a blog content generator. There are many more reasons. We have listed the key opportunities and advantages below.

Save time with generated content

Building a blog is a lengthy endeavor. While organically generated traffic is of particular sustainability and a company often benefits from good blogposts for several years, building and maintaining a blog nevertheless brings with it multifaceted challenges.

A key challenge is regularity. Successful blogs must publish relevant content over a long period of time that is search engine optimized and also reads well.

A blog content generator will help you maintain regularity without investing too much time. Because one thing is certain, regular publishing is an important basis for success for you and your blog and should therefore take as little time as possible.

Increase the quality of blogposts with Artificial Intelligence

Easy-to-read copy that engages readers should be the goal of a blog article. Only if your texts trigger interest and, in the best case, enthusiasm, will you be remembered and have the chance to generate a new contact or a lead.

With a blog content generator you have the possibility to increase the linguistic quality of your posts. Through extensive suggestions, you increase the vocabulary used and create texts that are really convincing when read.

Also the changing algorithm for example from the Google search engine requires a constant learning effect to place successful blog articles. Artificial intelligence helps to take into account current trends and developments in the formulation of texts.

Reduce costs with a blog content generator

The advantages of a blog are obvious. You can exploit these advantages cost-effectively by using artificial intelligence in the form of AI text generators. These help you produce content quickly and efficiently.

Develop an efficient workflow with an AI generator that fits your needs

Routines are of great importance when maintaining a blog. Routines are not only important in terms of regular publishing, but are also important in the text creation process to generate content efficiently. Only through an efficient process will you be able to sustain your blog.

By integrating a blog content generator into your workflow to publish compelling copy on your blog, you create a work process that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Always remember, you need to publish valuable content over a long period of time. Thus, with a good process, writing will be much easier for you.

Increase the reach of your blog

Success in blogging is reflected in two points. The first point is the quantitative range. The aim here is to be able to record as many clicks as possible on your own posts. A high reach increases the chance of generating new contacts and winning customers.

The second success factor of a blog is to address the right target group with its content. In most cases, the goal is to attract new customers. So, it is of high importance to target the blog to this audience. AI can also help with this by suggesting blog titles, making your content planning much easier.

With an AI text generator, you have the ability to publish more blog articles with the same amount of resources, increasing your reach.

Reduce the cost per lead with the help of a blog content generator

In addition to your website, your blog is an important point of contact for potential new customers as well as existing customers. With your blog, you demonstrate expertise in your topic area and have the opportunity to generate leads.

To keep lead costs in check, the use of a blog content generator is recommended. This is how you create content for your blog cheaply and quickly.

For whom is a blog content generator suitable?

An AI that can generate blog articles has many potentials and offers many opportunities to successfully build reach online. The question arises for whom the use of blog content generators makes sense.


Entrepreneurs have versatile tasks to fulfill, regardless of the size of the company. The company’s own blog as part of online marketing requires a lot of human and monetary resources. On the other hand, regular maintenance is important to be successful. So for entrepreneurs, a blog content generator offers a chance to successfully build reach through a blog, lower the cost of that reach, and increase the quality of content.


The purchasing process has changed permanently. Based on a problem, potential customers independently search for solutions on the web. Google is often the first port of call. For marketers, this is an opportunity to draw attention to their own solution with targeted content. Artificial intelligence helps you with the alignment of blogposts as well as increasing the text quality.


For bloggers, AIs that help with blog writing also offer versatile opportunities and enable workload reduction.

Three steps to a blog article with a blog content generator

Generating high-quality texts sounds too good to be true? You will be amazed how simple the blog content generators are in their operation. Only a few steps separate you from your next blog article.

Step 1: Set blog topic

First, you need to set a topic for your article. AI can help you with that, too, and you can draw on functions of the generators. Once you’ve found an exciting topic that aligns with your target audience, you have the option to add it to the generator.

Step 2: Keywords in the Blog Content Generator

Depending on the tool, the procedure differs slightly, but you need to tell the generators what kind of text you want to generate. So you keep filling out the form by adding bullet points.

Step 3: Read and revise output

The quality especially of the test winners is convincing, but you should do a check before uploading the blog article. You should consider the following points in the final check:

– Check if all words are spelled correctly

– Check the sense of the text

– Check the targeting of the target group

– Perform a fact check before publishing

With the final check of the text you make sure that the generated blog article can fulfill the objective.

5 reasons to start a blog

A blog can offer extensive opportunities and possibilities in many ways. For companies as well as for private individuals, building a reach holds a lot of potential.

Reason 1: Blog content generators make your life easy

For many entrepreneurs and marketers, the effort required to set up and maintain a blog has been the main deterrent. The effort appeared greater than the short-term return. Blogs are always a long-term investment in visibility and reach. With the use of blog content generators, things are different. The effort decreases and the blog can be built and managed with fewer resources. So they make life significantly easier.

Reason 2: You build reach

Digital attention in the form of reach is vital to success in online marketing. Only those who are digitally visible and can be experienced have a chance of selling their products and services. Expectations on the part of customers have changed permanently. They want digital touchpoints and digital expertise.

Reason 3: You radiate expertise

Another reason why a blog is a useful tool is sharing expertise. People care about learning something or experiencing something new. That’s where a blog can be a good connecting point and open the door to potential customers.

In the online world, it’s often a case of give first, take later. Publishing valuable and exciting content is a great way to generate leads.

Reason 4: You create value

High call numbers and reach on the Internet represent values. The so-called traffic on a blog and the resulting value can be measured. Visibility is an opportunity to create value by maintaining a blog and thus also generate revenue or expand the business model.

Reason 5: It’s fun

Last but not least, the fun factor should not be underestimated. Building reach is very motivating once the first milestones are reached. By maintaining a blog, you learn a lot of new things and modern tools make it easier to build. So, you will be successful with your blog faster and thus build new motivation to expand your blog little by little.


The rapid technical progress can also be seen in the blog content generators, which are on the market. The quality of the generated texts increases and thus they also become a great opportunity for use in marketing with regard to coverage building.

When choosing an appropriate generator, you should consider the results of the test kingdoms. Especially and Neuroflash offer versatile functions and convincing text qualities. So if you’re looking for a true labor saver, these two tools are a good place to start.

Please note:

I make my money through affiliate links, which are highlighted with an *. Should you purchase a product through one of these links, you are not only an absolute hero or heroine, but you are helping me continue to produce informative content that will hopefully help you along. And the best: There are no additional costs for you. I only get a small referral fee from the respective provider.

Many thanks!

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