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Product Description Generator – The Best AI’s in Comparison

Copywriting can quickly become time-consuming and tedious, especially for product descriptions. You need not only a basic understanding of marketing and SEO, but also a certain amount of creativity as well as a sense of writing.

This work could soon be simplified for copywriters and advertising copywriters. With the help of artificial intelligence, product descriptions and advertising texts can be written automatically.

In this article, you as a copywriter will learn not only how to use a product description generator to make your work much more efficient and write more texts in less time, but also which artificial intelligence is best for writing product descriptions.


Following AI text generators also convinced us:

Best AI Text Generator – the best quality for German and English content

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Following AI text generators also convinced us:


Best German AI Text Generator Provider

If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice. >> learn more

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Best AI to improve Google rankings

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Product Description Generator – The Best AI’s in Comparison

Product descriptions generator – The results at a glance and Neuroflash share the podium in the comparison for product descriptions, while with Jasper the results are slightly better, Neuroflash offers more features.

Frase stands out especially for its Outline Generator, which helps you understand the structure of SERP results and thus your competition and gather ideas.

Closerscopy is unfortunately still unsuitable for creating product descriptions.

Mindverse unfortunately could not be tested yet

AI Jasper Neuroflash Frase Closerscopyy Mindverse
Humanity very good very good good sufficient Not tested
Quality very good good good deficient Not tested
Sense of purpose very good very good good deficient Not tested
Creativity good very good very good sufficient Not tested
Effort very good good good bad Not tested
Fun factor/ user experience very good very good good bad Not tested
Number of functions good very good good deficient Not tested
Overall rating Best AI Best AI good deficient Not tested

So the product descriptions generators were tested

The examples below were entered into the AI’s and evaluated. The following aspects were considered: Humanity (how well can you tell if the author is a human or a machine), Quality ( sentence structure, word choice, comprehensibility), Meaningfulness (number of usable suggested results), Creativity (application possibilities, different points of view), Effort (time investment to get usable results), Fun factor/ user experience (working with the tool should be fun and not frustrating), Number of functions.

Subject : Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

Results Product Description Generator – Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

Jasper is also at the forefront of product descriptions. The quality of the texts is very good and many different aspects are creatively named.

With Jasper’s product descriptions, the focus is on the benefits to the potential customer, making it an excellent sales copy.

Here are some functions and sample results of

Unique Value Proposition

Our AI text generator is the best way to create high-quality, SEO-friendly German content. With our tool you can quickly and easily create unique, engaging texts that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Our AI-powered text generator helps you create high-quality German content that ranks well in search engines. With our tool you can quickly and easily create SEO-friendly texts that will appeal to your audience and increase traffic to your website.

Before-After-Bridge Framework

Before: You have trouble writing high-quality German content for your website. You have already tried to use a text generator, but it never works!

After: With Jasper, you can easily create high-quality German content that will improve your SEO ranking. Jasper’s artificial intelligence technology makes sure your content is unique and engaging so you can attract more customers and boost your business growth.

Bridge: Try Jasper today and experience the difference high-quality German content can make for your business. Our AI text generator guarantees unique and engaging texts that will improve your SEO ranking and bring more visitors to your website.

Feature to Benefit

Standard advantages:

– Create high quality German content

– Increase the ranking of your website on Google.

Emotional benefits:

– Delight your customers with beautifully written German content.

– Attract more visitors to your website with SEO-optimized texts.

Amazon Product Description (paragraph

SEO and online marketing tools:

“This is the best SEO software on the market for beginners. It is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge of SEO or online marketing. This software will help you rank your website using white hat methods that are currently working in 2018. With this tool, you can rank any niche on the first page of Google in less than 30 days.” – WinningFour2Six Team

The most advanced keyword research tool on the market! The Keyword Tool helps you find keywords that are profitable, relevant and easy to rank for.

Product Description

Looking for a top-notch AI text generator to create SEO-friendly content in German? Then Jasper is just the thing for you! This powerful tool uses cutting-edge technology to help you create high-quality, keyword-rich content quickly and easily. Whether you need to create blog posts, product descriptions, or website content, Jasper can do it all. And because it’s based on artificial intelligence, you can be sure that your content will be unique and engaging. So why wait? Try Jasper today and see for yourself how it can take your content creation to the next level!

Jasper Bossmode test*


Neuroflash offers some functions to generate product descriptions.

The results are of good quality and a wide variety of sets are produced. The length of the results varies. Sometimes the descriptions are shorter sometimes a little longer.

The Product Properties (Bullets) function struck me as particularly positive. This generates a list of various evaluation criteria and their answers from only a few pieces of information.

Neuroflash product features

The product benefits function also helps you to quickly list the benefits of a product.

Also not bad I find the answers to reviews generator that composes nice answers after entering your intention.

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Frase also offers some functions to generate a product description.

Qualitatively, the results are good but vary greatly in length.

In my opinion, the results have a special touch that once again gives rise to further ideas.

Overall, I would reward Frase with third place.

Test Frase for free*


Closerscopy offers three functions for creating product descriptions.

Unfortunately, the Description function and Bullet Points to Paragraphs do not really provide good results.

Only the Benefits function in the Products category generates good suggestions.

Overall, Closerscopy is currently not recommended for product descriptions.

Why is a good product description so important?

A good product description is very important to be successful in e-commerce for several reasons. First, the description is responsible for informing and educating the customer about the product.

If you can’t tell your customers exactly what you’re selling in short sentences, they’ll just keep looking for it and possibly buy from a competitor. In the worst case, the customer can’t do anything with your article or doesn’t see any advantages in the product. This would be the worst-case scenario, since in such a case the probability that the customer will leave the website again directly is very high.

With SEO product descriptions to more traffic and sales

In addition, a good product description is important to generate traffic for your online store in the first place. Correctly formulated texts are better found in search engines and can thus lead more customers to your website. Therefore, when writing product descriptions, it is important that you don’t just write down the facts of the product one after the other, but take a closer look at the topic of keywords and SEO.

Keywords are key words that search engine users enter to find specific products or services. The better you get at finding relevant keywords for your product descriptions, the easier it will be for customers to find your website in search results.

So if you want to drive more traffic and customers to your website, it’s important to be familiar with what criteria and keywords search engines like Google use to select and rank their search results. This is the only way to ensure that your products get the attention they deserve.

What makes a good product description?

A good product description should first of all be precise. It should describe exactly what the product is and what it can do and why it is better than the other products on the market. This point is considered elementary, but is not applicable to every product in the same way.

If you want to sell a soccer, for example, it is even more important to highlight the advantages of the product. Why should customers buy your product and not a competitor’s? What makes your product better? After all, everyone knows what a soccer can do and what you need it for. The task of the product description is to make the advantages clear to the customer and to persuade him to make a purchase decision.

Concise and entertaining – find the right length for your product description

Another success factor for a good product description is the right length. The description should not be too short, because then the customer will not have enough information and make a purchase decision. On the other hand, it should not be too long either, because then the customer will lose the desire to read it at all. It is therefore necessary to find the right middle ground of a concise, entertaining and yet informative product description.

The target audience should also be considered in a good product description. You should say exactly who the product is for. Is it for children? For adults? For seniors? This is very important so that customers know whether the product is suitable for them. At the same time, you also decide based on your target audience whether you should use a more direct, casual style or a more polite one.

The importance of keywords in a good product description

Another important step in writing a product description is the use of keywords. Keywords are very important so that customers can find your product at all. So if you use the right keywords, you already have a big advantage over your competitors. These should be incorporated into the text naturally and not too obtrusively. The first priority is always added value for the reader. Through so-called“keyword stuffing”, i.e. the excessive use of always the same keywords within a product text, this added value decreases strongly.

At the same time, this type of product description is also not liked by search engines. Keyword stuffing is out of date and won’t help you rank well, nor will it help you create an engaging and successful product description.

Product descriptions are crucial for success in e-commerce

All in all, a good product description is very important to be successful in e-commerce. It should be precise, informative and appealing. At the same time, it is important to use the right keywords so that customers can find your product in the first place. If you follow all these points, nothing will stand in the way of a successful e-commerce business!

The Best Product Description Template

With all the information and advice to keep in mind when writing, product descriptions can quickly become too overwhelming. So that you don’t lose your desire somewhere between missing keywords and missing formulations, we’ll give you an all-purpose product description to help you out here. You can use this template as a guideline when writing your product descriptions and thus not only have a common thread, but also concrete sentences and formulations with which you can lead your e-commerce store to success.

Classic product description for your online store

Product name (if any)description of the product in 2.3 words

Example: Travel-Play – Practical travel toy for children

Bullet points – short and concise:

  • Advantage 1 : [Produkt] is excellent for

  • Advantage 2:
    Has a great function that is great for

  • Advantage 3 (manufacture and quality): Thanks to the robust workmanship, the [Produkt] can withstand any load and is stable and safe at all times in everyday life. [Produkt] was made from sustainable materials / is handmade / was made and designed with attention to detail.

  • Advantage 4(Easy handling): The
    can be / is set up / put into operation / ready to start and use in just a few minutes (with the help of the enclosed operating instructions) in a simple and straightforward manner.

The [Produktname] is the perfect helper for / is the perfect complement for [Anwendung und Zielgruppe]

Paragraph 1 – brief introduction:

Why should the reader buy the product? What needs or problems will the product solve? Why is it better than the competition? Here you need to create the desire to buy exactly your product.

You’re tired of [Problem]. You are annoyed by [Problem] ? The [Produkt] creates remedy! Thanks to the great/simple/practical solution, you’ll be able to use the [Problem] off in the shortest possible time.

Paragraph 2 – Benefits and explanations:

Are there any other important things customers should know about your product? Here you have the chance to mention them. Possible points you can address here are safety and processing, design or a special feature that has not yet found a place in the bullet points.


  • With its simple and modern design, the [Produkt] in the household / in everyday life.

  • The outstanding design and first-class workmanship of the [Produkt] provide a unique effect and an unforgettable effect.

  • Thanks to the robust and solid workmanship, the [Produkt] remains stable and intact even during intensive use, so you can still benefit from it for a long time.

Paragraph 3 – Conclusion and Call to Action

Round off your product description and call the customer to buy the product with the last sentence. Such an active approach is important to increase the probability of a purchase. Here you can also mention again the problem that your product solves.

Example: Buy now a [Produkt] and get rid of the [Problem] once and for all.

Why use a product description generator?

A product description generator can make sense for copywriters for many reasons. The technology has now advanced to the point where AI tools can deliver usable and good results.

Creating a product description is done in just a few seconds with a generator. Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that working with a generator usually involves significantly less expense than hiring a professional copywriter. This can be particularly interesting for start-ups and small companies that are still in the process of being established and have to turn over every euro twice. In such cases, an AI tool becomes a cost-effective alternative and the investment in the software usually pays off after just a few applications.

Product description generator – high quality for less money

It is also a relief for content marketing managers if part of the product texts can be taken over by a generator. This allows them to focus on other tasks such as strategic planning instead of copywriting.

A product description generator is therefore not only a time and cost saver, but also replaces the classic work in terms of quality – with some experience and understanding in handling – almost completely. As a copywriter, you can give up some of your work and focus on other things, such as getting new assignments.

Conclusion: With artificial intelligence to the copywriting of the future

Artificial intelligence is already well advanced and will facilitate the work of copywriters in the future. Nevertheless, there are differences in quality between the various product description generators.

With a Ki Tool, companies can also save time and money. This is especially important when creating large amounts of content. Copywriters can, as a result, focus on other tasks as their work is made easier by artificial intelligence. However, you should always critically check the results of the different generators. This is the only way to ensure that the content is really of high quality.

Please note:

I make my money through affiliate links, which are highlighted with an *. Should you purchase a product through one of these links, you are not only an absolute hero or heroine, but you are helping me continue to produce informative content that will hopefully help you along. And the best: There are no additional costs for you. I only get a small referral fee from the respective provider.

Many thanks!

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