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Best Ai Copywriting Software – The best AI’s in comparison

Create high-quality ai copywriting without much effort and high costs? With the help of a powerful AI copywriter, you’ll quickly create texts that engage readers and fill your website with quality content. But which ai copywriting software can convince with sophisticated AI? We have separated the wheat from the chaff for you and put the most popular AI copywriters through their paces. Your main focus is on SEO optimization? Check out our article on AI SEO Text Generator and learn which ultimate tool you need to generate more reach.

Bester KI Text Generator

Bossmode from is ideal for those who expect the best quality and at comparable prices. You’ll also get 10,000 words for free via my link!

Bester Deutscher KI Text Generator

If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

For 199 EUR without word limit

Bestes Ranking SEO ADD ON
Logo surfer

If you are looking for a German AI text generator with a German interface and German support, Neuroflash is the right choice.

Bestes SEO Gesamtpaket
Logo chamfer

Optimal for those who are looking for a good AI but do not want to spend too much budget.

Bester Lifetime Deal
Logo Closerscopy

Qualitatively still a lot of potential but therefore still a super cheap lifetime deal.

No risk no fun.

ai copywriting software
ai copywriting software-mobile

Best ai copywriting software – The results at a glance and Neuroflash share the winner’s podium in the comparison for ad text descriptions, while with Jasper the results are slightly better, Neuroflash offers more features.

Frase does not have many options to create copywriting, but they are qualitatively okay.

Closerscopy is rather unsuitable for the creation of advertising texts.

Mindverse unfortunately could not be tested yet

Humanityvery goodvery goodgooddeficientNot tested
Qualityvery goodgoodgooddeficientNot tested
Sense of purposevery goodvery goodgoodsufficientNot tested
Creativitygoodvery gooddeficientdeficientNot tested
Effortvery goodgoodbadbadNot tested
Fun factor/ user experiencevery goodvery gooddeficientdeficientNot tested
Number of functionsgoodvery goodbaddeficientNot tested
Overall ratingBest AIBest AIsufficientdeficientNot tested

This is how the ai copywriting software were tested

The examples below were entered into the AI’s and evaluated. The following aspects were considered: Humanity (how well can you tell if the author is a human or a machine), Quality ( sentence structure, word choice, comprehensibility), Meaningfulness (number of usable suggested results), Creativity (application possibilities, different points of view), Effort (time investment to get usable results), Fun factor/ user experience (working with the tool should be fun and not frustrating), Number of functions.

Subject : Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

Results ai copywriting software – Best AI Text Generator/ SEO Text Generator for German Content

For copywriting, Jasper offers all what you can wish for Starting with frameworks like AIDA or PAS over email marketing to Google and Facebook Ads.

This is where’s strength really lies, as the AI has been trained by copywriting specialists.

Any feature delivers very good quality and offers a good selection of ad text options.

The texts are also very convincingly written and include a call-to-action.

For ad copy, Jasper is unbeatable as an ai copywriting software.


And again Neuroflash and Jasper offer an exciting head-to-head race.

Neuroflash also shines with more features for ad texts and can keep up with Jasper in terms of quality. Overall, however, I feel that Jasper’s wording is a bit better.

So my recommendation is to try both AI’s and choose the AI that best fits your needs.


Frase definitely doesn’t have many features that relate to ad copy. There is a lack of email marketing templates as well as templates for Google or social media ads. Only the PAS and AIDA frameworks are available, but in good quality.


Compared to Frase, Closerscopy offers the Google Ad function. However, the implementation is rather poor. Therefore I can not recommend Closerscopy as a ai copywriting software


Could not be tested yet unfortunately

Why is a good copywriting so important?

“Square. Practical. Good,” “Are you still living, or are you already alive?” or “Merci, that you exist” – When you hear these advertising slogans, do you immediately know which product or which company is behind them? These catchy and easy-to-understand advertising texts are still inextricably linked with the brand today and helped the company to achieve a clear market positioning.

What must be the goal for good copywriting?

An advertising text has the task to bring the product or the service to the man or woman. Interest should be aroused in the addressee with the help of catchy language, with the ultimate goal of promoting sales. But also an increasing level of awareness, as well as a positive perception on the market can be goals of advertising copy. The problem is that, thanks to digitization and the constant stream of new channels, we now encounter advertising everywhere and at all times in our everyday lives. To stand out among the many advertisers and capture the interest of potential customers, you need eye-catching, unique advertising copy. But that is easier said than done.

With a well thought-out advertising text that focuses on a specific target group, that catches the eye and appeals to the head as well as the heart at the same time, or even creates a positive buzz, this text is essential for lasting customer loyalty, but also for attracting new customers. Ultimately, good advertising copy is an important part of the marketing strategy and helps the company to achieve an ideal market positioning and thus also significant increases in sales.

The most used types of copywriting!

According to the Duden dictionary, advertising texts are texts that are intended to provide information about a product or service in an advertising manner. From newspaper ads, to billboards and flyers, to Facebook ads and email campaigns – the pool of advertising options is vast. We have summarized the most used types of advertising texts for you here:

Social media posts

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – the biggest advantage of social media channels is the target group-oriented placement of advertising texts. By precisely addressing potential buyers with the help of information such as age, gender, place of residence, hobbies, etc., there is no wastage. In addition, most platforms offer automatic recording of interactions (clicks, views, etc.) and a detailed analysis of how successful the placement was. In this way, tailored advertising texts, predominantly accompanied by image or video material, develop their full effect. Even with a small marketing budget, effective advertising copy can win new customers and retain existing ones.

Flyer & Poster

Offline advertising by means of flyers and posters primarily addresses a local target group. In order for the recipient to engage with it at all in the long term, the interplay of strong headline, images and graphic highlights must be right. The focus should not be on the product, but on the added value for the customer.

Google Ads

Whether online store, website, or blog – We publish on the Internet, so that we are also found! Paid Google Ads play an important role in increasing the visibility of the site. With a corresponding search query, the results page typically displays the ad at the top, bottom, or side, with matching content. The texts shown follow a specific structure and format. The decisive factor is the advertising text, which is populated with suitable keywords so that this text can hold its own against the multitude of other website operators and is also displayed to the target group.

Emails -Marketing

Email has been around for over 50 years. Instead of losing relevance, promotional emails are now one of the most used tools in online marketing. In recent years, personalized communication has become the most popular form of communication. Instead of mass mailings, the focus is on a specific target group and the content tries to meet the needs and interests of the readers. Especially with promotional emails, the text is the only thing that matters. The first words have to be convincing, otherwise the digital message goes straight into the trash.

Headlines on the website

Headline stands technically for headline – This should attract the attention of the reader and point to the further advertising text. Users who open your website do not read carefully section by section. They scan and skim your page, trying to get the most relevant information for you. For this reason, the headline of your website should be the most important hook and encourage people to read and click.

What makes a good advertising text?

New content is produced by copywriters on a continuous basis, but only very few texts actually reach the people who are interested in the service or product. We have summarized below how you can recognize effective advertising copy:

  • A defined target group is addressed with appropriate tonality
  • The text must clearly state what advantages the customer will have by purchasing the service or product.
  • Less is more: Good advertising copy needs only a few sentences to attract attention
  • The texts have a pleasant, engaging reading flow
  • The reader receives an impulse to act or to buy
  • The solution for a specific need is offered
  • Values, wishes and feelings are addressed in the potential customer
  • The guiding principle of the company is reflected
  • Advertising copy is clear, concise and to the point, written
  • The text has a unique factor

It’s not enough to type away and write a catchy text. Even before writing, the copywriter must know the target audience, how to address them, what vocabulary to use, and also what level of education is expected. Technical terms are avoided entirely, unless the text is aimed exclusively at a specific audience.

Best Copywriting Templates

Whether it’s promotional blog posts, ad copy, emails, or website copy, the structure, composition, and content varies depending on the type of ad copy and, in order to generate successful copy, it should definitely be adhered to. Especially as a beginner we recommend an ai copywriting software , which offers an ideal introduction with templates. In the following section you will learn which tools contain the best templates.

Jasper with 52+ templates

Jasper is a ai copywriting software that has over 50 tested templates from various fields. Be it for product descriptions, blog posts, Google Ads headlines, social media posts or for video descriptions.

For example, email subject lines are customized to invite users to open the mail, an outline is automatically created, and persuasive text is generated.

Neuroflash with 30+ templates

With over 30 built-in templates, Neuroflash covers a wide range of ad copy. Besides various articles, slogans and banner texts, the tool also offers the right template for social media amounts. With appropriate copywriting formula such as AIDA and PAS, structured, unique content is created.

The best advertising text examples

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In order to create successful advertising copy, it usually suffices to look at the competition, which has been able to gain many new customers through targeted social media posts, slogans, or targeted billboard advertising. We’ve cherry-picked and show you which brands have won over customers with certain types of advertising.

The Instagram channel of true fruits

The true fruits company not only focuses on healthy and high-quality smoothies, juices and shots, but also presents the products in a particularly cool and sexy way in its Instagram posts. Striking sayings are combined with impressive visuals. That goes down well with the young target group. They use current trends, like upcycling, to creatively promote the smoothies with modern themes. Through the impressive advertising texts, the clear positioning and the authentic content, the company collects many likes and views.

Guinness beer brand poster

In 1935, Guinness sought out a marketing specialist and a poster designer. Together, the health benefits of beer should be highlighted. Thus, a toucan was chosen as the mascot, which caused quite a stir in Ireland with appropriate and playful advertising copy. The successful advertising text: “If he can say as you can – Guiness is good for you” is still sold today together with the toucan as a poster.

Strong slogan from Ikea

Strong headlines or slogans should directly attract the readers’ attention. With “Are you still living or are you already living?” the furniture store Ikea hit the bull’s eye. The formulation works on several levels at once. Instead of a promotional statement, the question gives the customer the feeling of “Now it’s my turn.”

Effective email campaign from charitiy: water

Normally, we receive emails when we have performed a certain action, such as when a product has been purchased, or a form has been filled out. This is usually a text-only message. A charitable organization called charitiy: water has taken it upon itself to send an automatic mail with information and graphics about the donation process after every donation. This way, the donor can track where the donation is and what is happening with it. The benefactors were happy about this transparent information and the association gained respectability and reputation.

Why should you use a ai copywriting software?

With the help of ai copywriting software, a wide variety of advertising texts can be created very easily and without much know-how. We’ll tell you why users like to turn to artificial intelligence.

1. increased text quality!

When it comes to advertising copy, what matters is quality and creativity. They must be unique and appeal directly to and inspire potential customers. AI copywriting draws on an incredibly large database of previously published copy, from which new ideas are formed. Many copywriters and authors can produce good, individual texts, but often lack the desired creative sensibility. Not only can the artificial intelligence often write equivalent blog articles, social media posts, and other text types, but its various features can generate new text suggestions over and over again until the desired content is 100% correct.

2. fast content creation!

Quality is always related to quantity. This is also the case with advertising copy. The biggest advantage with this deep learning technology is that not only good texts are generated, but also a lot of content can be created in a short time. With the help of the templates, email campaigns can be created quickly and landing pages can be filled with text content.

If copywriting is done manually, the topic research alone up to the text creation takes several hours to days. However, since users always want to be served with new content and the attention should remain, the time span from the old to the new text must not be too long.

3. countless, flexible text settings

Creative ideas come to an end at some point, even for authors. The Ai Writer, fed by countless texts, usually has an unlimited number of possibilities and ideas for new AI texts. Thanks to the step-by-step templates, this content can be created within a few clicks and used directly on your own website. Artificial intelligence calculates which content is well received at which time, in which place. Also, for writers and freelance writers, ai copywriting software is a helpful tool to gain exceptional inspiration and take their writing style to a new level.

What do I have to consider when using the ai copywriting software?

AI algorithms are also far from perfect – even if a daily development can be seen. The automatic text generation is much more a basic framework that should always be checked manually and corrected in places.

Currently, AI tools are already able to create entire text sections without errors and are also recognized by Google as unique content, academic papers still seem rather machine-generated. But it is also a fact that the semantics of human language cannot yet be completely replaced by artificial intelligence. Often, there is also a lack of appropriate language tailored to the target group.

Generally speaking, editors cannot be holistically replaced by automatic text generation. But to create filler or flow texts, or even to get new input and ideas, the ai copywriting software is wonderful.

If you decide to use an ai copywriting software keep the following points in mind for optimized texts:

  • Use the ai copywriting software as a basic framework for your advertising texts
  • Use appropriate templates and fill them with good, relevant information
  • Check the generated texts for unnatural looking sentence components
  • Replace inappropriate synonyms as well as contentless texts
  • For long blog articles or stories, generate individual paragraphs and join them together using a red thread

How useful is ai copywriting software?

Creating unique ad copy is one of the biggest challenges in content marketing. Many entrepreneurs, as well as bloggers and solopreneurs find it increasingly difficult to create good texts with meaningful content in a short time. Also, often the budget for a professional writer is limited.

With an appropriate ai copywriting software writing can be made easier and more efficient. The market-leading tools save the company a lot of work, efficiently generate new, unique texts, and also gain more and more quality thanks to the constant development of artificial intelligence. Despite this, it is not left out to manually check the different text types during AI text creation.

Please note:

I make my money through affiliate links, which are highlighted with an *. Should you purchase a product through one of these links, you are not only an absolute hero or heroine, but you are helping me continue to produce informative content that will hopefully help you along. And the best: There are no additional costs for you. I only get a small referral fee from the respective provider.

Many thanks!

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